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Our New Telx Partnership Takes D.E. to Texas

Upon our latest partnership with leading IT provider Telx, Digital Edge has expanded our datacenters to the Southside. We are proud to announce the grand opening of our NEW Dallas, Texas location! Together, Digital Edge and Telx are taking global interconnectivity, cloud servicing and datacenter solutions to the next level.  Digital Edge is in the process of finalizing our geographically diversified VMware clusters to provide clients with a high available private cloud platform and make your IT solutions even more flexible!

The high power 26 story 480,000 square foot inland building is equipped with outside 100 year flood plain and remains under 24/365 surveillance, leaving your data in safekeeping. The Dallas region has become a major inland port due to its high volume airport Fort Worth International. Dallas maintains recognition for its innovated and highly educated workforce within the technology sector; and now, our same quality IT services like virtualization, colocation, continuity planning are in town!

Utilizing our own dedicated managed hosting platform, power, infrastructure, data storage, monitoring and security, Digital Edge will render on-site engineering services within the Telx DAL1 datacenter. Together this dynamic tech-duo will deliver first-rate IT management for both our new and existing clients!

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