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Top 3 Goals for the Future of E-Commerce in 2014

As a big fan and pioneer of e-Commerce, I always try to keep my eye on the industry.

I speak to the SEO wizards with all crazy new ideas (seems like shamanisms to me), CEOs of startups, friends in the industry and even students to make sense of all that is going on.

 This time I wanted to venture out into the rest world and see what people are talking about.

My source: Everyone’s two best knowledge finders, LinkedIn and good old Google.

 I typed in "e-commerce trends for 2014" into my search bar and went through pages upon pages of opinions populated with research studies from business prediction monsters like Forester and Gartner. Even self-proclaimed enthusiast weighed in.

 Statistically, here are the top 3 goals for e-Commerce in 2014:

 Absolute 1st Place - Mobile

People almost unanimously believe that there will be a huge push for Mobile devices. People want coding functions that allow us to work on our lovely mobile toys the same way we do on our desktops. I agree. When I sit behind a computer I miss the fleeting scent of coffee and the feeling of a cozy chair that I get when I am with iPad. And when I’m on my iPad, I don't have the same productive work experience that I do when I use my desktop.

 Mobile trends were mentioned 32 times out of 32 sources. I mean, there was not a single source that would didn’t talk about mobile in one way or another. Some sources even mentioned mobile trends twice - suggesting using mobile finger controlled experience and mobile payment options.

 2nd Place - A tie between Marketing/Information Architecture AND Analysis, Big Data

Marketing and Information Architecture includes Content, Personalization, Dynamic Shopping, User Experience, Guided product discovery all in one basket. I would call it Marketing and Information Architecture done smarter and with more personalization.

 Analysis and Big Data means knowing your data and measuring it effectively.

 Both categories were mentioned a total of 18 times in my search.  

Well, it’s hard to disagree. In addition to giving us smart devices loaded with apps for shopping, smart e-commerce people need to analyze data to see how to sell their products to consumers.

By actually knowing BI efforts of retail giants like Macy’s, I’ve seen firsthand what data analyses can bring to the business. Clients like Macy’s are not smart because they are big. They are actually big because they are smart.

 3rd Place - Social Media

The concept of selling or recommending things through social media channels is huge. I spoke to a security expert a while ago that told me that there’s good money in marketing through Facebook and other social networks like it. He said that it is relatively easy to hack or attain an identity as a social media user. From there, you can begin slowly spamming “friends.” BUT spamming is handled much more sophisticatedly today than the times of just flooding inboxes and timelines. Spammers pretend that they are your friends and advertise indirectly so no one thinks that any of their advertisements are controlled. Very smart isn’t it?

 Even though we already have our 3 winners, I’ll go ahead and add the 4th goal from yours truly:


Stay safe. 



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