Michael Petrov
Co-Founder, CEO
Corporate Mobile Security & Compliance

I think it is interesting that when I go to use my Blackberry, I have mutliple individuals staring- people I do not even know commenting on why I still use it. Eve
So here is my reason... My interesting point i would like to address.

Blackberry (BB) has all necessary security features and compliance tools. (Some auditors may disagree but you can easily setup framework around BB servers that would satisfy them). BB is still used by some organizations as the ONLY mobile device allowed and I agree with them for numberous reasons.

People jumped on Droids and iPhones because they are "cool toys". Then executives convinced IT to support them without thinking of the big picture. It can be relatively easy to achieve as everybody supported email syncing without a complex BB server, but now the whole security concept has been totally destroyed and has given life to companies like Good Technology, MobleIron, Air-Watch and others who don't even want to support BB. But if you look at what they do - it is exactly what BB server already has done.

It is unfortunate for Research In Motion to lose such a huge marketshare because of these nice gadgets. I am sure that they were counting on their enterprise tuned infrastructure but execsutives didn't think that way.

But here are a few things that makes BB an attractive item for enterprise security:

1. BB server is still a good security framework. Other unified security platforms are trying to achieve the same results for iPhone and Droid devices.

2. Full keyboard. I still like it. Sorry but I still do.

3. Much less useless applications. Your device is for work. It has everything for work. Please tell me what it doesn't have.

Yes, there a big minuses that I have to admit:

1. The device is worse then its competitors.

2. Buggy. Still buggy. Still have to reboot from time to time. In my case it is bluetooth integration with my car system. It freezes after every 5-6 calls.

3. A horible web browser. This is the worse thing in the whole BB framework.

I am not trying to convince people to stay on BB and there will be a day when I think I will have to switch my device that have been my business live for so many years to something else.

I was just thinking about how technology compete and win markets and how IT groups follow and should be able to adapt to trends.






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