Michael Petrov
Co-Founder, CEO
Datacenter Failures- What to consider

A CIO/CTO should not be complacent listening to marketing/sales pitch about the “cloud” availability, global clusters etc...

They have to ask the questions:  What will  happen if one of the datacenters goes down for a day, an hour?

What if the whole city is out...

Every company has its own tolerance for global failures and these needs must be accounted for during the solution-building process at the beginning/ designing stages. Companies should be weiry to rely solely on the selected “cloud(s)” availability.

We have seen numerous cases, two of which are listed below. Check out these links. 

Because of these issues and many others, I am always questioning clouds hard on what they bring to the table in savings against what the enhanced risks are that could cost my clients money in the future. 

So... Until someone can show me different, I encourage being prepared and understanding all of these risks/challenges before implementing any solution. 

We saw Amazon going down for hours recently and should know that technology does break!

Amazon Cloud goes Down:

Datacenter Fire in Calgary: 



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