Michael Petrov
Co-Founder, CEO
Danger of Building Cross Connects

We have no idea how connections from ISP or Telco equipment is delivered to our switches, routers or firewalls. The building management may sound professional and confident – “we will deliver you 2 lines from 2 independent ISPs”.
Well how do we make sure that the delivery mechanism will not use a single point of failure? You may spend time, and design your HSRP/BGP architecture to ensure failover and guarantee up time; but do you know if building management spent the same amount of effort? If you have your redundancy figured out, how can you enforce building management to respect your concerns about high availability, and do the same as you?
Well, we saw the BGP mess, during their building maintenance fiber cross connect infrastructure started going up and down.
Suggestion to IT management: Checks with the building on how to cross connects are delivered. Do not trust words and promises.



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