VNX Versions
Posted by Michael Petrov on 11/10/2014

EMC has issued an advisory that some versions of the firmware are not stable.

Cybercrime is up 10.4%
Posted by Irene Goltsman on 11/4/2014

Virtual Machines: The Basics - Vlog
Posted by Patricia Marro on 3/14/2014

A brief illustration of how virtualization/VMware works and what the benefits are!

Top 3 Goals for the Future of E-Commerce in 2014
Posted by Michael Petrov on 2/25/2014

As a big fan and pioneer of e-commerce, I always try to keep my eye on the industry. This time I ventured out into the web world to find out what's in store for e-commerce?

Cloud Storage - Is it Really a Working Model?
Posted by Michael Nikhamov on 2/7/2014

Cloud Storage Pay-As-You-Go models are ideal. You can outsource any and everything but at the end of the day, the cloud provider isn't responsible for your business’s data, YOU are.

Monitoring Software Auto-Discovery Isn’t all it’s Cracked up to be
Posted by Michael Petrov on 1/13/2014

Here's why Digital Edge doesn't rely on monitoring Auto-discovery software & why tech guys shouldn't put all their eggs in one automated basket either.

Destroying the Myths About Password Security
Posted by Patricia Marro on 12/26/2013

Forgot Password? Me too. We all do it. It may have something to do with our undying need to have 700 hundred passwords for each and every login on the face of the world wide web.

The Microsoft Dynamics Slow Down
Posted by Michael Petrov on 1/29/2013

One of our clients faced a severe problem with speed after purchasing Microsoft Dynamics through a third party! Digital Edge steps in to find a solution.

VMWare Migration Gone Wrong (continued)
Posted by Michael Petrov on 1/7/2013

An update on how we solved the problem our team ran into when virtualizing client's physical infrastructure.

VMWare Migration Gone Wrong
Posted by Michael Petrov on 12/18/2012

Our team ran into some rare issues when virtualizing client's physical infrastructure.

Corporate Mobile Security and Compliance (continued)
Posted by Michael Petrov on 11/29/2012

Another great feature BlackBerry users benefit from.

Requirements for Datacenters – Let’s Get Serious! (continued)
Posted by Michael Petrov on 11/27/2012

What really makes a datacenter effective? More factors to consider when selecting your datacenter.

Requirements for Datacenters – Let’s Get Serious!
Posted by Michael Petrov on 11/20/2012

What really makes a datacenter effective? - Hurricane Sandy highlights the importance of having a purpose-built datacenter over inefficient replacements.

Not Trivial Monitoring Tuning
Posted by Michael Petrov on 11/6/2012

VM Reboot Detection- How out-of-box solutions do not always work and constant modification is needed as environments enhance.

Corporate Mobile Security & Compliance
Posted by Michael Petrov on 8/30/2012

Blackberry is DEAD? Over the last year or so, I have noticed that everywhere I go, all I seem to hear is how Blackbery is dead- Why not use an Android or iPhone?

Datacenter Failures- What to consider
Posted by Michael Petrov on 8/7/2012

A CIO/CTO should not be complacent listening to marketing/sales pitch about the “cloud” availability, global clusters etc...

Log Scanning. Why People Parse Splunk
Posted by Michael Petrov on 8/3/2012

I don’t know why people are parsing Splunk. I would never think that such a trivial IT task as log scanning would be turned into a business.

Monitoring… What really matters.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 8/1/2012

This is a statement against the official blog released by TechTarget Titled: Monitoring Sucks". It expresses all the issues with monitoring software today and what is necessary for businesses. Original Link attached within body.

Unified Storage Showdown: NetApp FAS vs. EMC VNX
Posted by Michael Petrov on 7/24/2012

The author says that there is a difference between EMC approach and NetApp approach. While EMC is using Auto Tearing software logic - NetApp’s strategy is to use Flash Cache: NetApp has a Flash Cache PCIe-based solid-state storage device that speeds performance on specific applications, such as data warehousing. It also supports SSDs in the array as other storage vendors do.

IT complacency.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 7/6/2012

Digital Edge does not focus in this area of it; however when people ask what is the difference between regular IT companies, and Digital Edge, I find myself describing it best with this analogy, normal companies support, maintain, and fix regular cars. Digital Edge supports, maintains, fix Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the IT world. In reality Digital Edge deals with the most highly complex issues of the IT world, for example, huge high capacity and performance servers and storage, enterprise class networks with high degree of failure resistance and security.

Implementation and Approach to a New Project.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 7/2/2012

Background: Imagine a client with a need for shared NAS storage, specifically speaking CIFS share – with a total need of 4T.

A blow for Storage centralization/ consolidation fans…
Posted by Michael Petrov on 6/15/2012

It may sound that I am against enterprise storage, but everything should have its limits and safeguards. It is petty that because of cases like the one I will reveal below, with such nice architectural design and engineering comes such a devastating blow, throwing technology evolution under the bus. It hurts a lot, when for the last 5 years a 100% uptime statistic holds true, only to be knocked down to 99.9% following one major event. Here is the time line of events today:

Advanced Microsoft Licensing Configuration for HARDER security.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 6/8/2012

Real enterprise class business requirements in a lot of cases are much more complex than a simple IT solution that you can purchase from a single vendor. Sometimes a simple business case would require a non-trivial IT solution approach; but something that may look simple will require considering lots of simple details, and have small impediments that are hard to overcome. Solving such cases require either deep knowledge of technology or extra money to cover for the lack of knowledge.

Digital Edge ticketing system.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 6/1/2012

Digital Edge is ready to launch its third generation ticketing system. Since its original version, we have always been committed to the development of our internal ticketing system. My vision was that this type of internal design would pay-off in the future, and I found myself to be correct. The development of a ticketing system, the flexibility of design and the necessary add-on features that can be intergrated as you see the need, really make Digital Edge stand out to its clients.

Want to patch Dell Firmware on the server running VMWare – BUCKLE UP
Posted by Michael Petrov on 5/25/2012

We know sometimes servers misbehave, and hardware manufacturers issue patches to their BIOS or firmware. Most of those patches are packaged to be installed through MS Windows or Linux. Dell does not package patches to be installed through VMWare ESXi.

Making Sense of Cloud.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 5/22/2012

3 BIG problems with cloud-based processing.

Danger of Building Cross Connects
Posted by Michael Petrov on 5/11/2012

Do we realize how dangerous building cross connects could be?

Wasteful Spending!
Posted by Michael Petrov on 5/7/2012

I am constantly advising our clients and other IT organizations to consult with us before making any decisions. Questions do not cost anything, however questions are the significance to cost saving. Unfortunately in a lot of cases TCO for IT departments has a cost of stupidity component.

Storage Failure- a Huge Success?
Posted by Michael Petrov on 4/30/2012

EMC had an SPB controller CPU failure, half of its internal architecture. It is as if a human would have had a stroke damaging the brain’s left hemisphere, leaving the person unable to move at all. However not in our case we were up and running, here is why…

Oracle Deployment 11G RAC to New Hardware
Posted by Michael Petrov on 4/24/2012

No matter how you plan or how well you’re prepared, upgrading core production components tends to be a difficult task. This is exactly the reason why people are running on older software/hardware for years trying to avoid the upgrades, even though Hardware and Software vendors are pushing hard for upgrades threatening clients that they are not going to be supporting their products any longer.

How To Deal With Telco Providers When Ordering Cross Connect For Your Business
Posted by Michael Petrov on 2/7/2012

Enterprise Technology; a complex schema that even IT Managers struggle to harness while every decision has the potential to impact cost, profitability, and delivery deadlines that could become detrimental to a business. By nature, Digital Edge’s CORE Business sanctions the ample knowledge, experience, and skill-sets that supply our customers with the necessary foundation, from which most engineers are not accustomed.

Enterprise Storage Selection Methodology
Posted by Michael Petrov on 9/23/2011

The biggest goal of IT groups is to figure out how to compare offerings on a flat place, how to make them equal – make them all apples or oranges. This is how we did it selecting a SAN solution for an entry-level enterprise implementation.

Complexity of cleaning up networks with SAN/NAS environments in case of virus outbreak.
Posted by Michael Petrov on 1/12/2011

Sometimes clients do get viruses. There are cases when regardless of all security and antivirus measures computers still get infected.

It is very strange to see some IT and Financial executives’ decision process.
Posted by Michael Nikhamov on 12/16/2010

A company is interviewing datacenters partner for co-location and full management services of their network infrastructure and servers. The infrastructure consists of about 100 servers and 40 network devices and appliances. After providing them with our proposal we found out that we are the most expensive provider.

Storage, thinking ahead…
Posted by Irene Goltsman on 9/13/2010

Enterprise storage is a solid technological solution, however if look closely at the architecture of some of the most successful infrastructures you will find a lot of smart techniques and ideas rather than big hardware names.

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